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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Chris Hein wrote:
Yes I have spent some time training in Xing yi, and to the best of my knowledge Xing yi does come from Ji Long Feng, who was a very famous spear fighter. After study I would agree, that the foundation of xing yi came from spear fighting, the way you use your body in a line, and the 3 physical harmonies are ready evidence of this.
Hi Chris:

I think you're using the term 3 physical harmonies to mean the 3 external harmonies; ankle-wrist, elbow-knee, shoulder-hip, right? The 3 external harmonies are meaningless without the 3 internal harmonies: heart leads mind; mind leads qi; qi leads jin. In other words, the saying about the "six harmonies" (which Xingyi, Taiji, Bagua, and some others use) is about using the body in its "natural movement" (the natural winding and unwinding of the body which results in the coordinations of the 3 external harmonies) when it is powered exclusively by what would be called ki and kokyu in a Japanese martial arts forum. The center of the relationship between the 3 harmonies is the dantien, which controls the lengthwise relationship of the 3 external harmonies, so when you say you're using those 3 harmonies to control the spear, you're essentially just saying that the control is purely dantien, ki, and kokyu.

When it's understood that a weapon is simply an extension of the hand and not a separate thing, the training of middle-hand (or whatever part of the body) and middle-weapon becomes very obvious as the same thing(particularly if someone knows how to move using the 6 harmonies). I.e., if someone understands this relationship and is training ki and kokyu with a suburito, they're also training it to the hand, back, elbow, etc.


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