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Re: A Real Aikido Man

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Fantastic story. I am helping to put together a book of aikido stories about how students have used what they learn on the mat to get a positive outcome, when perhaps they least expected it and so affirmed the value of what they have learnt through aikido. I am sure that you will have had students over the years tell you such tales and may well have experienced a few yourself. I want to put together a collection, as I am absolutely sure that it will prove very inspirational and motivational for any aikido student. It's the sort of thing that any club might like to own and would make a great gift. Because it is such an attractive proposition, it will be a great fund raiser for Aiki Extensions, which really needs to find ways of funding its work.

Any chance of using this one?
Reading the article, there's no indication that the man who was robbed has any experience at all in aikido. This story is being used as an example, in OP's opinion, of how aikido techniques should play out off the mat; however, it is not a case of an aikido student who was robbed and acted based on his aikido training. As such, I don't think it would be appropriate for your collection. This man learned how to connect with others somewhere, but it wasn't in an aikido dojo.
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