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There was a famous incident when Jan Hermansson, known affectionately and fearfully as the "Swedish Meatball" visited the Yoshinkai and proudly wore his hakama, even though he was a mere third dan. There was an attempt to make him pay for this, but it backfired - (think of the cartoons after Popeye eats his spinach and enters the barfight). Jan was also a professional wrestler, and when I'd work out with him, he'd throw me and do a flying pancake, 280+ pounds landing on my chest, and when I'd struggle to get him off, he'd encourage me, saying, "Chust bench press me 'oop! Chust bench press me 'oop.!"
LMAO!!! Sounds Like "Janne" allright (now 7 dan aikikai shihan). His biography is pure gold.

Jakob Blomquist
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