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Re: Dan Harden at Popkin-Brogna June 1-3

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Another great Seminar by Dan. As always Dan is ready with the next step to amp up our training to the next level. We even had some newbies on the mat who left with a whole lot of info.
There was a whole lot of humor and laughs, but this just kept everyone well grounded. The in depth concentration on solo exercises really paid off. We don't suck as much anymore! Dan even had some new tricks up his sleeve that he has been working on.Damn he is an alien! I still can't get over how much internal power he has. I can only laugh, shake my head and head back to my solo excerises.

Thanks again to Dan, Don( who is the brains behind the operation,:-) Terri, and Paul for all your help. I look forward to the next one seminar at Marc's dojo.

Joe Brogna
Hey.....Don't forget Jill!! Who Marc called the real task master!!!
Hell, even I'm afraid of pissing off that little school teacher! We say..."Here comes the truth train" says wait...I think she has US trained to say that...I'm so confused..
Big small packages!!
The most fun I had was the push-out test, standing stick straight on my heels with my feet raised off the floor. I thought Howard was going to punch me for that one!! Then I went on one foot.

Next time, quick review, then on to building intent and other interesting things.
Then next time, back to this weekends work and testing your intent. Lots of fun in store, not the least of which was demonstrated several it externally manifest this in Aikido, or MMA.
Lots to do....lots to do....

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