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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Something in Atlanta might be doable -- Jon Reading and Mike Magno are at Emory, someone might inquire if they have any interest, perhaps, and ask if they would want to host or coordinate. My wife likes the Scott's Antique Market, and that will keep her occupied for a goodly part of a weekend. So for my druthers it would be one of those weekends, (January 10-13 • February 7-10, March 7-10 • April 11-14) but not January or February for me, as I have major hearings to prepare that would conflict.
We can make something happen. We are off campus now and in our own place. Just had our first seminar with Steve Fasen and it was great (if I do say so myself). Nudge away...

To be fair, Shindai dojo in Orlando is having some real heavyweight aiki do people next year. Steve ran down the list and staggered me... Ledyard, Messisco, Gleason, to name a few. I will be there for at least a few, if not several...

George Sensei mentioned some issues with the communication language and after reading more posts about Internal power I'd agree - I think we need to let the IP lead that dance and give us the language. If we want to try our own translation after we see what they are doing, fine. But, I think we owe it to see what they are doing before we pass judgment.

As I see it, the future of aikido in the US could be great. We have some excellent aikido people here. I think that does place some pressure on the elite groups to migrate the Eastern curriculum into the West and establish a Western transmission process. So while I appreciate the specificity to comprehend the Eastern delivery methodology, I am looking forward to these guys once they make the transmission change.

I think these forums are advantageous to help the community more concisely define and clearly illustrate aikido, yet we tend to not consolidate our lexicon. I guess its individual choice, but the IP guys are trying to tell us how they do things and we are saying, but we "do it this way". So?

When I first started playing golf, my coach looked at my swing and gave me a golf ball to keep in my pocket. No science (I was 13), but that ball changed the way I swung. Right now, I am damned if I can do it. Once I do, then I'll try to explain it.

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