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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
You ... lie. Lying. Liar. Falsehood. Untruth. Mendacity. Get a thesaurus, look it up. A big fat whopper.
Jun, that has to be some kind of slander against Dan. Is there nothing that can be done about this? I could understand if Erick said, I don't believe you, etc. But he's calling Dan an outright liar.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
You've allowed yourself to go on attack on this kind of basis to the point of getting two discussions closed in one day quite recently (a record to my knowledge).
Actually, Erick. I view those threads closing as being your fault. I see this one going down the same road primarily because of you and your posts.
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