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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I made an on topic point that the history reveals and you are shouting
people down again. (sacasm deleted
Erick Lets review. This was your -on topic point.
This, I submit, our good friend Rob L. is experiencing. I believe he misjudges his level of inherent preparation. He therefore mistakes the causes of his perceived arc of present gain. Beginning students with significant body movement training would be similarly pre-disposed to make quick gains when exposed to explicit concepts of this type.
You are judging Rob’s experiences now in training in a method that
a) you know nothing about
b) have no comparative observations of your own and no understanding of being exposed to explicit concepts of this type
I went on to the next logical step. That was to draw a comparison.
1. you have stated you cannot do these things. you therefore cannot teach these things, therefore you have no knowledge of any comparison of you learning them, your teaching them, and the various learning curves and previous preconditioning effects on others as well as yourself. None, whatsoever.
You just assume everything.

I compared that with my experiences
2. Having taught hundreds and seeing the effect prior conditioning has had between grapplers, aikidoka of various ranks, Daito ryu practitioners, TKD, Karate, MMA, taiji, Bagau, etc

Yours is what____________________________?

I am not here claiming anyone's qualification -- I claim observation, description and reason. But, if it's questions about qualifications you want --
where's your menkyo ? Who granted it ?
Yeah you are. In every post highlighting analysis of things you claim to understand but admit being unable to do.
Mine is definitive observations of things I most certainly can do, and teach and the experience it has brought me and those who train here.
The experience has afforded me some interesting chances to compare, contrast, and form conclusions
This ties in with your assertions about Sagawa and Tenryu and other models which are not the same-not even remotely similar. Therefore the historical references you cite, and attempt to compare this newer direct method to such broad ranges of MAers is without precedent. Your references are invalid.

That said, your comment about Menkyo is meaningless in that there is no menkyo I know of who shares this body of knowledge used within a MMA framework and the resultant experience in teaching it (not an art) as a condensed set of skills to then be used in their arts and that being such a variety itself. Some Menkyo's are instead becoming interested in learning and practicing these skills themselves, Erick. How about you?
.... Doesn't really address the specific point I made. None of that remotely depends on anyone's qualifications, other than the ability to read and reason. So, I have to take the swipe as rather gratuitous -- which they always are of course.
Well, I think it continues to remain clear to the readers-that my answers to you remain definitive and on point. Your replies continue to be peppered with off topic cheap shots at me, and off topic vagueries that don’t help those searching. It should not go without notice that your comments do not jibe with anyone…any…one… person who trains this way. Your opinions and observations so far are without meaning or relevance and do not connect to their publicly stated, very real and widely diverse experiences.

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