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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

This, I submit, our good friend Rob L. is experiencing. I believe he misjudges his level of inherent preparation. He therefore mistakes the causes of his perceived arc of present gain. Beginning students with significant body movement training would be similarly pre-disposed to make quick gains when exposed to explicit concepts of this type.
That is utter nonesense, and more reason why I continually ask you stop giving bad advice and misinformation to honest hard working people who are out -actually- trying to learn these things, or looking for a training model.
You are not quallified to make these comments.

I have taught hundreds of students, among whom were absolute putzes with no experience whatsoever, and some very talented ones. Currently I have people with no prior training, with decades of training, from MMA, and Judo, to aikido training, and with ICMA training with some serious grandmaster level teachers.
They all seem to pretty much be on the same track.

I think someone would have to
a) know how to do these things that you are only "talking about"
b) have some experience teaching them over a decade or so

I thought it was known that you don't know these skills in the first place and you agreed? Are you now stating you do?How many have you taught-"these concepts" too ?
May we meet- even a single one?
Ask questions stop making statements or giving advice about things you know nothing about.

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