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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker


great question from the OP, and one that is very important for all MA to ask, not specifically baout BJJ but if they see something or someone new then a person should look at their art very honestly and ask how could i deal with that? does my art have something to deal with that. this is how we can find out weaknesses in our arts and ..... isn't that how most of the MA were developed anyway?

if we don;t continue to look and evaluate what happens to our art? it becomes stagnant and frozen at a fixed point in time, which is ok if that is what you wantbut again you should be clear about it i.e. be clear that your practice is mainly for art and history rather than practical application.

as for BJJ, it is a tough one becasue what they have was mainly desgined to fight other martial artists where are most tradional martial art were designed to fight in an unsporting context, you could actually say that about any MA that hs invested time in the sporting aspect, sooner or later the tradional techniques don't work as well and people have to create new methods to overcome defensives and the art changes a grows. this is on reaosn why in contact sports there is very little unworkable theory (in the context of that particualr sport of course)

i think the main thing that people are worried about from BJJ, is the 'shoot' a strong shoot is very uncomfortable and if you are nervous about it, it can actually make you more nervous, however, on an aikido point of view the 'shoot' is alot of force coming to your centre, isn;t this what we train for? watch UFC how in the lower ranks how many times does theattacker end up in a headlock whether on his feet or on the ground. for a start i would be trying to get that head lock and going into the ground his head first (think DDT from saturday morning wrestling) or turn and throw, of course this is theory, if the shoot was too fast, if the fella got a really good shoot which inloves pulling the knees in as well, if he hit me lower that my centre, or dropped fast (i.e. held on to his centre) it would all need tweaking to my technique.

if grapping i wouldn't try to beat a BJJ guy like that, that is playing their game i would try to seperate and get away as fast as possible, aikido strengths longer range and using force, BJJ strengths grapping and ground.

i wouldn;t be comfortable in trying suwari waza seriously, but it would be fun to play with sitting on your knees at the beginning of a match might give them something else to think about.

anyway just a few thoughs
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