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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
They claim that they know what Aiki should be and that modern Aikido practitioners are not engaging in. I mention a direct student of O Sensei to counter their claims about Aiki, Aikido, and O Sensei. They say my understanding of Saotome Sensei's teachings are wrong because his students train with Dan. Therefore my understanding of Aiki remains wrong. It is not I who went down this road.
Yup, but all those folk are direct students of Saotome, neh? FWIW to me this looks like a gigantic poo slinging contest. And as an outsider I'll say it is rather unbecoming.

Again, many of these people you are talking about are direct and high ranked students of Saotome, the fella you're quoting to say they're wrong. I was simply suggesting that Saotome is the final "arbitrar" of right and wrong with respect to his words. Not you. Not them. Kick it up the chain and maybe they will clarify it for you all. Reading huge tomes about what Saotome "means" when he writes in relation to things Dan has written and things Saotome's direct students are doing in studying with Dan strikes me as rather silly when you could just ask the man directly.

But no need to reply to me, I ain't in your group and there's nothing in what I've learned with Dan and others that is in direct conflict with my particular branch of the Aikido lineage (Tohei offshoot). So carry on...

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