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Re: Why the extended fingers in Aikido postures

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Ki is Ki as in Aikido. Chi is chi as in Taichi. Both relate to the same thing.

Ki Aikido for example teaches Ki developement via a different method to you or bagua or neijin. Thus different methods.
No, not really different. Same principles, same results. You're probably confused by superficial appearances and the fact that peoples' results cover a wide spectrum of success.

Kiatsu also teaches Ki and ki developement. With specific results.
Still the same stuff, just different facets of the whole.

Your attitude to other methods is very dismissive. I wonder why?
I'm dismissive of the idea that there are artificial distinctions, as you see them. There is only one Qi/Ki.
How comes I can see and validate the ways of internal arts when shown to me or even described and at the same time know another way?

Could this be what is meant by the student mind?
Could be. Could be also that you don't understand the topic, though, right?

I have a Tai chi teacher friend who lives less than a mile from me. We meet up and share our experiences. Share being the operative word. We KNOW we are on the same path and we admire each others different methods of achieving the same aims. We even get enthusiastic about the similarities.
All you've told me is that your Tai Chi teacher friend shares your level of understanding about qi/ki. Given the level of most martial-arts, Tai Chi, Aikido, etc., teachers, is that really a validation?


Mike Sigman
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