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Re: Why the extended fingers in Aikido postures

I just have some loose thoughts in the hopes of others adding something more substantial to relate about them...
In opening the hand and extending the fingers I notice my forearm expands, which opens (very slightly) the grip someone might use to hold it in place, making it easier to undo aite's grip. This seems to tie into the effort of "extending ki" through some line/s in the body, such as the pinky/tegatana and spiraling that/those line/s to create further expansion of the whole...the idea being to create a kind of contiguous expansion along that/those line/s...the ability to expand being key to suppression efforts.
I also like to play around with the feeling of my palm chakra as I expand and contract my fingers. After expanding "well" I get more palm contact; if I have more palm contact I get more of a "full" and "relaxed" grip on bokken and I seem to need less effort to raise or cut; I also get more spring to my cut. So in expanding my hands/fingers, I notice I also get a better grip...and seem to have at least some kind of better connection with hara.
When I practiced regularly (expanding my fingers/hands in this case), I remember I could grab in such a way that would cause the fluid in the arm to be displaced (my best guess) somewhat painfully in my training partner. It was an odd experience. I don't think that's probably quite what we're looking for, but I always thought it was interesting.
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