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Marc Abrams
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Re: slap or silent in ukemi?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Hi Marc,

It helped, but I still think (withouth having formal training in Systema), judo ukemi is safer for some throws, aikido "silent" rolling for others.

Look how Furman lands when thrown by Secours O Goshi in this clip. Looks standard judo ukemi to me.

Furman looks like he is doing a judo ukemi but he is not absorbing the force that you typically would judo style. One of the areas that I am working very hard at is trying to get rid of excess tension in my body. We typically do not even realize how much is there and where the tension is until it is pointed out to us, then we suddenly seem to move faster, easier, with more power and use less energy. I am trying to replace muscle tension with the feeling of being like a gravity-loaded spring. This keeps me in a state of potential energy release without wasting any energy in keeping excess muscle tension in my body. The feeling that you have when doing ukemi in that state is so different, although it might look no different than the way other people are taking ukemi.



ps- thanks for that clip. I have been working privately with some wrestlers over the past year and I have been working on similar stuff with them.
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