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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Bushido vs Budo

DOH! [Smacks head]ho boy. [/smacks head]

Yeah, I kinda missed the boat on that one.

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Hi Ron,

Thanks for the reply. The Internet is not a place for subtlety and I see that I failed to clearly get my point across. The comments I put in quotes were not what I think was said, but how I think they will be (and have been already) interpreted. Sorry if I have offended, that's for Don too, sorry.

What I wanted to say was that it seems to me that no one comes here purely for info. Instead perhaps we are all trying to feel connnected in some way. And the percentage of looking for info vs. trying to feel connected varies from person to person. When I see a question or comment that clearly shows the poster has not looked around, then I think that that person has come to connect. For that kind of poster, I think it is more helpful to respond keeping in mind they are looking for something else. That way I can connect with the person and then they will be more open to info.

How's that? Better?


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