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Re: Difficult uke or bad technique?

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
2 people in a row have talked about "doing a different technique" now. Personally, I'm against this. If it's a good technique, it will work regardless of how much uke resists (unless uke attacks with yokomen-uchi instead of morotedori or something extreme like that).
Yes exactly what I think. Also there are very good spiritual reasons for that, if somebody is interested in such personal development. After all, we are not learning techniques just to know the techniques? It would be very superficial approach, and surely O sensei didn't create aikido as another form of jujutsu?

The goal is to use those techniques as a tool to change ourselves as human beings, to be more perfect and to be able to perceive correctly the reality. I think prof. Peter Goldsbury has written, in one of his essays, about it - once you master some activity(ikebana, tea ceremony, martial art etc…) to the perfection, you have quite a good chances to perfect yourself during this process. That is why, on technical level, we have to work hard to produce a perfect technique. And it would be impossible if you constantly switch the techniques just because it is ‘easier' to deal with problem.


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