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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 5

Doug Walker wrote: View Post
Peter, thanks for the replies.
Not all. Japan is winding down for the New Year and so I have a little time. Actually, I am trying to complete Installment 6 in time for Jun's new deadline. This installment looks at the general effects of World War II on the development of aikido.

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I agree that if the order is indeed lost it would be a huge undertaking hence the stipulation in my question. I think there are very few people that have been taken through the techniques in Budo Renshu -- Stevens is one -- and that would be a minimum for working with the Noma archive.
I think Budo Renshu offers a selection of waza that were done in the Kobukan and many of the techniques therein have been done right here in Hiroshima by my own teacher. (I also have a tape--never published--of Rinjiro Shirata doing loads of variations.)

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My bright idea would be to create a combined text using the Noma photographs to illustrate Budo Renshu. Renshu giving the structure to hang the photographs on, but Renshu by itself probably does not contain enough information to proceed unless the person had knowledge of the techniques to draw upon.
Perhaps this might be a project for a Ph.D in budo history. I doubt whether there would be much enthusiasm for a new general edition of Budo Renshu. The Shirata tape was never published because Kisshomaru did not agree. He wanted to emphasize the new beginning and to systematize aikido into an art that could be practiced by anybody. Actually this is the main message of these columns I am writing.

I have heard it stated so often in official circles that O Sensei continuously changed his waza, but the implications of this seemingly obvious statement are rarely grasped--or even more rarely stated.

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