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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 5

OK, you've had your kudos, now for some questions.

The first one is pretty simple:
It is a collection of line drawings of some 200 waza, the drawings and the introduction both made by students: the drawings by Takako Kunigoshi and the introduction by the ‘brains' of the dojo, Kenji Tomiki.
To your knowledge did Tomiki also do the technical descriptions? I think this is what I was told by Shishida during a conversation, but I wanted to confirm it if you are able to.

Second, a little tougher:
In this article Mr Pranin discusses the Noma Dojo archive as evidence that Morihei Ueshiba was still practicing Daito-ryu and I agree that the evidence for this is very strong. Incidentally, this might also explain why the Nomo Dojo archive has never been published.
A few things. It was my recollection that Stan has said that the Noma Dojo photos were dismounted for copying and that their order was lost. He gave this as a reason for them not being published. It occurs to me that this might not conflict with your surmise -- they sat unpublished for so long (due to your explanation) that any negatives were lost necessitating copying and the loss of the archive as a technical reference.

All that being said, as one of the more interesting statements of this installment, could you expand on your reasoning a bit.

We could also discuss the timing of translation and release of the two available texts -- Budo Renshu 1978, and Budo not until 1991.

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