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Re: I just don't get it

Originally posted by justinm

Personally, I just don't see how aikido can have a significantly greater influence on character than any other activity. I cannot think of a single person I know well in our dojo or any sister dojos would put 'improving my character' in any top 5 list of reasons to do aikido. Maybe it is just not a British thing...?!

I agree. To think that aikido is better at building character than most other endeavours is pretty naive. That doesn't mean that aikido is without its merits either. My view is that someone's basic character is developed very early in life and is probably genetic. Good or bad influences can have an effect, but people are, essentially, who they are.

Having teachers recognize/reward "character" in students is a bit of a crap shoot. That's like saying although Johnny did very well on his chemistry exam, he really deserves a failing grade as he's not my favourite student (and his clothes are always dirty). Some students are just better at kissing hakama than others.

I've met some sensei who were buttock cavities.

I also disagree with the "well he has been trying so hard for almost a year, he deserves it" promotion.


Remember, all generalizations are false
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