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Yep, I'd reflect Andrews sentiment. I'm not really bothered what they used to do or now do in aikido. I know myself that psychologically hard training toughens you up psychologically. In difficult fighting situations my brain does something like this:

"he's a big bloke who could probably pound me into a pulp - but it wouldn't be anything like as painful as the 2 million bokken cuts I did 5 years ago"

and therefore psycholigcally events that some may perceive as 'tough' or hard to deal with suddenly get put into a different context; and you realise you can cope with a lot more pain and discomfort than you previously realised.

To me, training regularly for many years can still leave you psychologically unprepared for serious fighting situations, and 'hard' training (i.e. psycholigcally distressing) may help with this.

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