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Re: YouTube: Aikido - Sword against multiple attackers

Mihaly Dobroka wrote: View Post
Applying Keasagiri against multiple attackers.

What do you think? Should weapons be a part of Aikido training?
What are your thoughts on this video?

Dear Mihaly,
I certainly endorse weapons work in Aikido.In this video I see little benefit in this method of training.I would have preferred to see an application of kesa giri on a one to one basis.There does not appear to me that the demo shows any sense of zanshin,maai or taisabaki. On the other hand it looks fun, energetic enough and the ukes do fair ukemi.To summarise , the clip shows a energetic, fun type exercise .Whether the clip has any real practical use or is martial is open to question.Cheers, Joe
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