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Re: The Descent of Aiki

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At Dan's recent UK seminar he mentioned something about a scroll of some sort whereby Takeda states that he got his Aiki from a chinese guy and was his indoor or inside student and that the phrase was written in a different way to the rest of the scroll - more chinese, or, in chinese. Dan, care to comment?
No scroll, John
I have it written down here in several placces. He referred to his training as oshiki-uchi, the implied meaning of which was "inside the threshold."
Kisshomaru states that he was told that Takeda was given a menkyo frm Chikanori, something which would be fascinating to see, were it true. I don't trust what the aikiaiki put out for public consumption, nor the quality of the translation done by students. He'll for that matter, I have heard any number of stories of deshi who drew his bath every day and did his solo training with him everyday....long after he had retired from teaching in
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