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Re: The Descent of Aiki

Probably we've come to the end of useful dialogue. I'm sorry you don't place much value on your credibility. I mean that seriously. If the aiki platform is based on loose logic and poor scholarship what is there to fall back on? Internal bickering? Please excuse the pun. Well I know how seriously to take your posts now. Just to finish.

Your point is meaningless. Since when has aikido had an extrinsic spiritual aspect? But it is also fair to add that many experienced aikido teachers have some understanding of the spiritual dimension within aikido.

Your point about codifying is meaningless. We are talking about teaching. Most aikidoka do the same basic techniques O Sensei taught. Some teachers have added variations over the years. For example Nishio Sensei added koshi nage. But techniques like irimi nage, tenchi nage, shiho nage and ikkyo are done almost the same. I'm sure you've looked at videos.

Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba. Today hundreds of thousands or millions of people do aikido. He was and is called O Sensei. As Graham very correctly reminds us that means Great Teacher.

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