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Re: The Descent of Aiki

Hello Hugh
I have basically avoided this thread. I would like to address a few points
Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
My understanding of Mike's position--taking out the value judgements--is that what Dan has a is mix of techniques and concepts shaken up in a bag, lacking certain fundamental principles that are widespread and well understood in CMAs.
Regarding me
Mike has never met me
Mike has no idea what it is I do, he only thinks he does.
The little he has written is a little off base to way off base.

Regarding the Chinese arts
Mike (by his own writing and addmission) is an outsider, not an insider, in the ICMA. He has pieced together a system based on information from here and therefore is not of a level equal to any expert of ICMA.

It is a bit ridiculous for you to use him or me in a role to judge anything as being consistent or not with all that is Internal in the ICMA or JMA. Some take advantage and enjoy the role of the one eyed man in the land of the blind. I do not enjoy or embrace that role. There is way to much hubris on display of late. When people have skills they can overplay their hand. There are lots of talented people out there.

Let's assume the basic theory laid out in HIPS, that Chinese internal methods came over to Japan and got assimilated and reworked in Takeda's Daito-Ryu.
The question is: Suppose we now take the new system and show it to the original Chinese masters. Wouldn't they respond very much the way Mike did?
I have done this with real experts of the ICMA, they were witnessed in open rooms. It went very well and there was no posturing or defensive B.S. That's what face to face testing of skills often does. There really isn't much B.S. you can spin or say when your skills are on display is there? The results were not only surprising they are key to what you are asking and what Ellis postulated on several key points. I found the comparisons and information exchange later with other professional teachers of the ICMA consistent with a theory I have had between certain Koryu movement and DR and Chinese arts as well. To be honest though there are fighters that are better tests as well as modern weapons. I guess what I am saying is it's wise to increase your exposure.
Good day

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