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Re: Senshin Center's Exchange "Arriving"

Craig Hocker wrote:
I think in part, this may be why for me this discussion seems a little strange or much to do about nothing. To me , you make way too much out of the idea of independence. A very American/western emphasis that is itself really a fiction also.
Well I would never disagree that independence is not fictional - one is not after the "really real" in seeking independence. One is after a capacity to practice non-attachment to all subjective realities and/or sense of identities, etc. However, I would disagree with the American/Western comment.

Independence understood as utilizing self-reliance for ascetic or ascetic-like reasons is hardly a Western and/or Modern notion. There is a long list of noteworthy and beloved personalities in Japanese cultural history for example - e.g. Ikkyu, Ryokan, etc. Japanese and Chinese history are filled with these type of folks. The independence that these kind of people demonstrated had hardly anything to do with Jeffersonian Independence and/or individualism, etc. Same word, different heart, different meaning, different means, different end.

Every thread is going to be much to do about nothing to someone - even every post. That's why one chooses to read and write - it's a given of this form of communication that some topics and some comments will seem irrelevant to some and/or to everyone at some given moment in their life. Still, you posted, so thanks for that.


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