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Re: Relating Aikido and Christianity

Jesus is the only way to heaven. Christianity does not teach us to get in harmony with God's spirit by loving our neighbour as ourselves...that is what Jesus does through us, without us even realizing it. What Christianity teaches us is that with Christ is the only way to get in harmony with God's Spirit. Because as human beings, we can never please God, because he requires perfection and holiness...not good works or being nice. Since we are NOT perfect, we need someone who is...that is Jesus. The Zen practice through Aikido or meditation or whatever, can teach you how to empty your worldy mind and become attached to nothing here. Your mind becomes in harmony with God's nature. This, however, has NOTHING to do with your salvation. Salvation is only achieved by accepting the free gift given by God in his Son, Jesus. There are many christians who are not happy here on earth, and that is because their minds are clouded...this is how a zen type of thing can help them to be clear. But, if they believe in Jesus, their eternal souls are secured. They might be miserable here on earth, but it's only because of their flesh getting the best of them.
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