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Re: UFC 2.0 Ultimate Fighting Cancer

Hello Rupert,

There are two people who were friends of mine and who in 1986 were diagnosed with cancer. One was a doctor, a specialist in diseases of the colon who was diagnosed with the disease in the very area of his expertise. He had operation after operation and died a hollow worn-out shell. The other was Minoru Kanetsuka, the shihan who looks after the BAF in England, who is still going strong. In 1986 I went with M Fujita to see him in Oxford and he weighed about 45 kilos. He was preparing for chemotherapy the following day and no one who saw him then thought he would survive. He somehow shrank the tumor in his throat and all he has now is an annual check-up. It might be too much to travel to the UK to see him, but you could certainly talk to him. PM me.

Peter G

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