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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

Hi Dan,

The baseline entree point into internal strength - pointing at lots of common ground (pun intended), commonalities and similarities laid out by many giants in both CMA and JMA is that notion of balancing the intersection of gravity pulling you down and the earth below you pushing up - basics of groundpath to use the Sigman terminology - so that any external force that's presented to you, is able to be directed to the ground in as pure a form as possible. That's by no means the full extent of "sourcing power from the ground" but it's the very basic entry point that most point to when you talk commonalities and overlaps of varying noted perspectives of IS.

If you're postulating that power comes from the sun - it's a basic deviation of imagery, but I can forgive it if you're expanding the physics notions to include the gravitational effects of the sun on the earth and how we exist in the middle, but since you jump into the spiral mechanics bits and tie the decoupling to rooting with your toes, it's too much of a stretch when there's too many other components in the progression that I haven't seen referenced, yet.

Be that as it may -- keep going with your metaphor, I'll reserve more scrutiny until you've fleshed it out a bit more. Right now it seems like it's a loose idea, but I can't tie it very well to traditional notions of internal strength and the pseudo-science isn't rigorous enough to withstand hard testing.
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