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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
Could be conceivable...but what's still fishy is the outward resemblance to the actual work of reeling silk, the fact that these concepts arose in a silk manufacturing culture and the rest, and your continuing insistence that there is no relation between the two--that in fact, it refers to the worm making the silk.
David, the thing is... Mike's explanations make sense, for someone that has these skills.
Sure he might be postulating, but having silk reeling refer to the worms actual movements to produce silk make sense, as well as the reference to not pulling silk too hard etc etc.

Asians love to make metaphores. The japanese and chinese are especially guilty of it, even if the metaphore used didn't have any direct relation to the actual skill.
The reeling silk metaphore certainly fits the bill and stinks more of someone simply coming up with a multi layered metaphore

Ark loves to make all sorts of raunchy metaphores when it comes to describing some of the skills.
Does that mean that the skills were created while doing it d%#$y??

Maybe 1000 years down the line if "Ark's style" is still popluar, somebody that's on the same wave length as you might say how the skill was deriven from long nights in the red light district...

Another thing, the pulling silk vs reeling silk makes perfect sense as well. (Mainly becaus up until now I've been more of the "pulling silk" variety..which is slowly changing)
In one way it goes back to the Shaolin styl3 vs. 6 harmonies/reeling style.
Its not one is better than the other, but rather which approach is more suited to that person.

Adam Hsu is a ...bad... bad example to bring up.
I mean, he's ..."ok" as far as Baji goes, but I wouldn't quote him as an expert. He's a good salesman as far as CMA goes, but even in Japan he doesn't have a very high reputation as being skilled.
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