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Re: Baseline skillset

You guys don't forget anything!!!

Not to get in the middle of you and Mike's love fest.....
Your not going to get it from trying to copy some motion of fishermen or silk drawing in a river of even in the Taiji exercise. The motion without mentally moving and connecting things is pointless -other than getting some mild exercise. What is connecting and moving is not in "winding your muscles" while pulling on something. In fact were you to do that for five years and I put some load on you- chances are you'd fall apart even quicker than a good judo player. Done right and you'd give anyone who wants to throw you a real hard time. The winding isn't some "body shape" you take, in motion.
When it comes to this topic, don't hate the message because of the messenger. Try to look at it instead with a joy of learning something new. There's nothing wrong with not knowing a thing or two, right? Even when we learn things by rote, there is always a definable mark of individual accumen. Look forward to breaking new ground and gaining power for yourself in your old age...Hah!

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