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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
Right, you twister. That's why "CHINESE" sources have been saying "reeling silk" for decades when they were using English. That's why they all describe pulling the silk from the coccoon: they are referring to the worm putting the silk on the coccoon. It makes Sigmanland.

to bother; wind around; wrap round; coil; involve; annoy; tangle

Silk, thread, trace

The detailed description of the effort always refers to drawing the silk from the coccoon and onto a "reel."

So yes, "they" do "call it reeling silk" when they're speaking English, and their illustrations prove that they're not talking about the worm, you silk producing fellow.
WTF? I already said they call it "chansi" = "silk reeling". But it's not about actually reeling silk. I gave you the discussion/explanation from Chen Xiaowang (and I said that's where I got it, in addition to other sources) and you continue to fight, fight, fight. Do it your way, since you already know everything.

BTW, the "BaDuanJin", the one everyone calles "Eight Pieces of Brocade" isn't about crochetting, either, as it would seem using your logic. But I'm sure you'd argue it to a fare-thee-well, assuming, as usual, that if you don't know it, know one else could possibly know it, so any guess is a good one. This is completely amateurish. Go back to learning Aikido from your kid.

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