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Edwin Neal
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Re: Reversals

this touches an area that i have issues with... advanced teachings or techniques... there is no such thing... you train in aikido not "some of aikido" from your first day... kaeshi is helpful in honing your technique and closing any openings or weakness... we play the kaeshi game but we don't go for pins we go for duration and creativity that way both people win and no one is a loser... you could theoretically kaeshi any technique with any technique... although some are more obvious than others... has any one seen a judo video of "i think kano" kaeshi-ing some really big judoka with koshinage... it looks crazy they seem to throw him and he just slides around and throws them... it is really amazing!... to end i think that kaeshi should be taught as soon as a student is ready for it and that depends upon the student...

Edwin Neal

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