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Re: Reversals

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Once again, working on kaeshiwaza in this manner needs to be done in a manner consistent to the overall training method. This is no mean feat, especially due to the already existing training environments in most places where the roles of "nage" and "uke" are pretty much set in stone.

-- Jun
One further point as it relates to this. I cross train in an obscure system known as taihojutsu, which is what is taught to police in Japan. It is a mixture of various sytems including judo and juijutsu. So the concept of counters is something with which we are already familiar from these other arts but which is now being introduced in aikido. This is helpful as several counters are sacrifice throws which are more common in judo that in aikido. In fact, several of the counters we do in aikido are not techniques one would find in a traditional aikido curriculum. We are already fairly comfortable with these, both in executing them and, perhaps more improtant, being thrown by them.
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