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Re: Biomechanics in Teaching Aikido

Markus Rohde wrote: View Post
I'm not sure if I understand what you want to say.
From conversations and practice with students of Yoshigasaki doshu I got the impression, that it help's them a lot, to think in mechanical terms like vektors, forces and so on. So it does not surprise me that it is a student of Yoshigasaki doshu who wrote this article about "biomechanics in teaching aikidō". I think in his practice it really works.

In my own practice there is a different understanding of what aiki is and how it comes into existence. So in my practice the way of depiciting aikidō waza of Mroczkowski sensei not only is not helpfull, but, what's more, provide's a wrong image of what is happening.
So thinking in a mechanical symbolism like he does may even hinder to get what is to be learned. The same is true at least for three other budō I'm a little familiar with: I think you won't be able to comprehend TSKSR, KSR or daitō ryū in such a mechanical way.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
If that makes sense...
I think it does.
Although ...
... I think those "things that are not readily available in other systems" are to be found not only in aikidō. My aikidō teacher is doing TSKSR - and there clearly is aiki. I sometimes practice with people from the Roppokai - and there clearly is aiki. Also in the KSR it exists.
But in all these systems aiki is that what is "not readily available" in a simply mechanical understanding of that art.
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