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Re: In Defence of George W. Bush

John Hogan wrote: View Post
Register? For aiki-extensions? Meaning you want me to pay 1st? Well, mama didn't raise me for a fool, either. Original bet was you to desist for 30 days & then I would donate. What if you fail? You gonna' provide em with a pro-rated refund?
If I fail, then I would refund you your money.

The reason I insist on an "in advance" payment is that it would be too easy for you to forget. Actually, had you gone through with it, I'd likely not post for 30 days at all. So, you'd be rid of me for 30 glorious, Neil-free-forum-post days.

Now, how cool is that?

By the way, I just received an "infraction warning" from Jun re my offer of a donation, saying that I was attacking you rather than the post.
He did?? I will never understand Jun's warning-infractions. It's OK to outright call ppl racists and chemically dependent here, but it's NOT OK to offer donations to charity if I'd stop doing something. Weird.

(I wonder have you ever gotten one?)
Yes, I did. Two, actually. The second was based on a misreading of a post. It so put me off that I stopped posting for six months (altho I did promise not to post here again. I let myself down on that score. Note to self: reinstate my AW membership)

Given that I am at risk for being banned or something for offering this donation, said donation may be retracted until I consider this forum further.
OK, I completely understand. Should you reconsider, the offer stands.