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No, I don't mind at all! In fact, I was hoping for more than I've gotten so far!

So, something more like this?

Whereas an art like tae kwon do, karate, or judo usually put less importance on the opponent's well-being, many of the techniques in aikido (not to mention its philosophy) are based on the school of thought that says the less conflict there is, the better, and says that your opponent is a person, too, and you should try protecting them. Though other martial arts also teach that fleeing conflict is the best first option, aikido is unique in that it says when escape is unattainable, you should accept your attacker with love, not aggression (and toss him to the floor). When physical struggle is unavoidable, an aikidoka (practitioner of aikido) can use a number of techniques to keep himself from injury.

I realize this doesn't sum it all up, but, then again, the assignment was just to give a brief intro and history to aikido to a class who knows nothing about it (except one former aikidoka).


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