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Re: ukemi - How necessary is high break fall?

Maarten De Queecker wrote: View Post
....I never quite understood the general aikioist's fear of things like koshinage. Those things are pretty standard in both Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, and don't hurt at all if you would at least try to practice them.
I actually love being thrown that way. Reminds me of the throws I used to do in my previous style.

Maarten De Queecker wrote: View Post
You cannot make breakfalls softer. You just slam full-weight into the mat. It makes noise, nothing can be done about that.
I have seen it done. Some people just seem to land softer even when thrown equally as hard as the next uke. Not to mention, there is a difference between softer and quiet. Sure, there will be sound during a breakfall, but a breakfall doesn't have to be hard on the body.

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