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Aikido Skeptic about to take the plunge.

Hello everyone. Obviously new to forum.

I was hoping for some explanation and advice here. I have a past of assorted MA's including MT, CLF..and Bjj/mma. As I was aging (34) ... I thought I'd like to find an art to go with the bjj/mma that might be easier on the joints etc, that I could do into my 50's+.

I've never done Aikido, and truthfully am very skeptical. I'm in Law Enforcement and have unfortunate lengthy -direct exerience with reality SD

I've watched some ridicoulous videos of some of the "softer Aikido", that I would never consider in in the least. I don't need to research it to plainly see it is not a fighting art- no offence intended, but I stand by this 100%

However I had read that the Aikikai? "post WW2" stuff was more realistic, applicable and intended to be trained for realistic SD purposes etc. Therefore to be open minded I located a Aikikai club that I will be starting tommorow night.

Can posters please tell me if I understand the differences of this pre-post war aikido correctly, And how Aikikai differs from the softer Aikido......and any experiences regarding the different camps/styles.

Any advice is truly appreciated, and I hope my skepticism is proved unfounded.

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