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Re: Is Aikido misunderstood in the Martial Art world?

Don Magee wrote: View Post
*put's on my devils advocate hat*

Does aikido teach me more about myself then the following?

Guitar Playing?
Texas Hold em?

I learned the most about myself when I started teaching at a college. My failings, my skills, etc were all on display and I was forced to face them. In terms of self discovery I learned a lot about myself, but nowhere close compared to how much I learned standing in front of a room of 18 year old kids.
Hi Don,
Aikido may or may not learn you more about yourself than any of the other examples you quote.I do not think that Aikido has the monopoly in terms of self discovery.Obviously in your case college teaching made some impact on your own understanding of your own self
. I simply replied to the question being asked.I did not state that one could not discover ones True Self solely by Aikido.There can be many paths to reach the top of a mountain.
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