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Re: Is Aikido misunderstood in the Martial Art world?

How can I expect non-aikidoka to understand aikido when I myself don't understand aikido? That's why I go to the dojo 3x a week. so I can learn about what I don't understand. Because Iit fascinates me. It really does not matter what others think about aikido.It only matters (to me) what I think about aikido.

Recently I said to my sensei that I did not find certain other martial arts to be of real interest. I disliked what I saw. I had some criticism of those arts. My senseis answer... "there is a reason you do aikido and not those other martial arts."

well there is a reason other people do other martial arts and not aikido. We don't have to agree with them to recognize their right to decide what does and does not have value in their own eyes.

I kind of like that aikido is not so well known or so popular as other martial arts. Its a small but not exclusive club. One made up of people who are serious about that they do. Who appreciate it for what it is... to them. The weeds quickly weed themselves out.

When someone asks me what aikido is about I explain what it is to me as best I can but I tell everyone aikido is something you really have to experience for yourself in order to find what it means to you.

As for the how has aikido helped your life, sport, hobby etc.... everything in our life is part of a whole. An interlocking puzzle where each thing enhances the other.

IE: my aikido has really enhanced my horsemanship. My horsemanship brings a lot to my aikido. My aikido and my horsemanship influence how I deal with other situations, and people, in life.
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