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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post

Do you limit Aikido just to a body art? I affirm the body art. I affirm all you say about it. I affirm Dan and his skills. I honor my teacher.

But what are you, as a teacher, offering Stephen who just had a stroke? He is in a wheel chair? So is Joe Arriola. How about a paraplegic. Can they study aikido? Is someone allowed to ask such a question under this thread or on this site?

Is your definition of Aikido reductionistic? I am asking this in sincerity.


For you Chris. Of course Aikido can be done from a wheelchair. In this day and age of paraolympics it shows all kinds of disabilities can be overcome.

I posted a video of a guy with one arm doing Aikido too a few months ago.

In fact the body itself can be a hindrance at times so are we not disabled too?

Recently my friend was invited to teach our Aikido at a center and was giving solo exercises to practice during the week to the students. They were all of mental 'disabilities' including schizophrenia etc. They all loved it and all gained and looked forward to the next class. Excellent.

It's all good.