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I really do think that the attempts to mentally process this stuff in a "scientific" way is determintal to our ability to learn as it causes the wrong psycology that we can really "think" our way through it.
I plead guilty as charged but I don't think I struggled any more with this aspect than I've seen any number of others do as well. Pretty much every beginner I've seen goes through this "thinking too much" phase. For me it comes and goes it fits and starts - depends on what we are working on. No matter what there is always concious effort on some aspect of training unless I'm specifically working on not thinking about things (which I really do work on).

Also, when I talk about the sientific stuff I'm not at all meaning in the sense of thinking ones way through technique or training. Training is hard enough without adding that stuff on top! Think instead of a post event debriefing or something to do while in those down times.

As for all the chatter ... I wonder how much has to do with a great many dojos in which there is precious little talking or even active discourgement like "shut up and train". We are social and we like to gab. Some more than others.


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