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Re: Scientific aiki

Nice post Jon!

Also David, interesting stuff. I am watching young kids master BJJ these days and I frankly am fascinated at how fast they learn. I really do believe there is a correalation between the developing brain and transmission of skill.

We see it with young kids in learning languages, why not JJ?

It seems as we get older we become more entrenched in our habits and learned behaviors.

I really do think that the attempts to mentally process this stuff in a "scientific" way is determintal to our ability to learn as it causes the wrong psycology that we can really "think" our way through it.

I think there are alot of right brained/analytical folks for some reason attracted to Aikido in general and they really need to learn to "let go" of the skill/habits that has allowed them to be successful in so many areas of their professional life.

I believe this is tough to do and scary as it is a part of a person that has dominated them for so long and to do this might seem completely absurb!

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