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Re: Scientific aiki

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:

"Did you just say aikido comes from babies????"

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Yup...I believe we are born with it and then we gradually get smarter and smarter until we develop our perceptions and habits..right wrong or indifferent...then we spend alot of time and effort fixing them.
Oh, boy.

I'm especially intrested in the way babies develop the ability to stand and walk through feeling and constant exploration of the feeling of gravity on their bodies. They soon learn the purity of absolute "up" and absolute "down" and develop incredible affinity for that sense. And gradually, they learn to "stack" their bodies higher and higher from the ground. I have watched my three children pass through this stage of learning and it is always incredibly rewarding because you see not only a little machine teaching itself to orient and operate, but you see this little person figuring out incredible mysteries.

As for error being ingrained into that system, probably the simplest yet maybe the most difficult to correct is caused by parents who "rush" the child through the process and make "standing" and "walking" more important than the vital process of exploration and trial and error, which develops the musculature and prepares the various parts of the body to work together. It is possible to walk after skipping some stages of that process, but it will definitely cause both physical and psychological problems as the child grows and matures. Some studies have been done with ADHD children, helping them to overcome the disorder through simple crawling exercises that let them regress to the point of incomplete development and quickly re-progress past it, clearing both physical mis-tensioning and psychological insecurity and sketchiness. They feel more grounded and secure and can thus learn faster and more completely.

In short, a fascinating subject with nearly endless potentials.

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