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I have a different view, modeled primarily on this,

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Where would we be in knowledge of ourselves and the world around us if we stuck to the idea similar to, "if man was to fly he had wings." Or if we cared not to examine, to find answers, knowledge, or find truth? To pursue knowledge and depth of knowledge shouldn't be a crime. Ignorance wasn't the soup de jour for the Chinese, or any advanced ancient culture that we have built upon to day. What if any of the great western or eastern thinkers didn't pursue knowledge of the world around them. What if medicine sought no explanation of illness or health, would there be healers. What if we just looked at a star not knowing what it is accepting it just twinkles, would we ever had a space program and gone to the moon, or build a space lab where people live in outer-space orbiting the globe. What achievements and knowledge would be lost if we didn't pursue scientific knowledge?

But the fact is we have, and did, and it has proven to be a good and successful philosophy. We are still at it, and I am sure we always will be.

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