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Daniel Mills
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The main problem is my left, I dislocated it quite badly when I was about 12 playing football/soccer. I was essentially stood on from the side, cue a little click, and me squealing in agony, unable to move my leg..

Then.. click.. it moved back into place, the pain stopped, and I could move completely, and I carried on playing.

I find it hard to sit in seiza for too long, and it can be awkward if I jar it a little too much. I weigh a good 390lbs or so, and whenever I've visited my doctors, They've basically tried to pin the problem on my weight. (I'm unsure of the process for going to private advisors, and I sure as heck can't afford any treatment.).

I'm basically just after some methods or thoughts on what I could do BEFORE training, to quite comprehensively warm my knees up, and so forth, in preperation. I often find that when they've been knocked around quite a bit during training, they feel fine once the initial shock has died down. I want that sensation of movement and not having to worry about any aches, before I start training, though!

Many thanks,

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