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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Heaven/ earth/ man Heaven/ earth/ man is not a stance (as in the thread by the same name) it is a method to train the body, ...
Ok, this is different.

Any relationship to dealing with the three dantian (heaven - man - earth)? This is what it is about in our practice. So I don't know it as a method but as a "structure" or a way to "organize" the body and it's movement.

(So of course connecting heaven earth man - as far as I know it - is not a stance. That's why I asked my question in the other thread.)

Hell, it's so difficult to talk about in a foreign language. Especially bceause my level of understanding and "doing it" is so low. Sometimes I think I'm knowing what I talkt about, then again it is gone ...
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