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Re: Moving with your center

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....If he said something like: "expand intent in six directions all at once such that you are able to support the spirals you create while engaged with attacks" - it would be a bit more helpful to me...

Actually he did talk about six directions..specifically.
He did talk about intent in the fingers coming from the hara.
None of it made it through the translation process, coming from the the modern aikido people translating who were completely unaware of what was going on. Thus the readers never had a chance.
Spiral energy would not ever have come from Tohei. He didn't exhibit it. But Ueshiba's whole art was based on spiral energy, just as it is in DR. At least DR states it and gives a clue, Ueshiba didn't even go that far -even though it is evident in his movements and in the Daito ryu waza that all of Aikido's waza is built on.
When you paint a picture of the modern students and their level of understanding and compare it to what we know of the prewar guys it is pretty revealing. It's no wonder none of the pre-war guys really wanted to come back when they saw what was going on.
I think Ueshiba's shouting of "this is not my aikido" when he saw what was going on after he retired was probably echoed in their voices as well
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