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Re: The most troubling question

Marko Ilic wrote: View Post
Hi can any one tell me which are the ALL techniques in aikido. This has been my question seance 6 years ago(i used to train but i broke my finger for the yellow belt exam-5 kyu)
Are you asking for a complete list of Aikido techniques?
If so, then you will get some varied responses, since some "styles" choose to/ not to use various techniques, and some have ones that no others do.

But generally speaking.
There are the 3 main wrist locks:

And then the throws:

And then you have some others/ variants, such as:
-Arm bars

And tons of others that i am sure i am not thinking of at the moment , or that my form of Aikido does not teach.

Just let me know if you have any other questions


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