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Re: Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Seminar in Virginia


To change the subject, but since you brought up DR and E-budo. Things remain interesting in these arts don't they? The folks over on Ebudo were all concerned about DR (not to be confused with real Koryu) being in danger and shrinking. So much is dependant on the ones leading or representing their arts isn't it?. It seems under some mens leadership, individuals, and entire dojo's are leaving. I wonder why that is, when under other representatives the art is doing fine-even growing?

I was talking with Howard the other day about that very topic; DR, Koryu and the internet. We were wondering
What's sadder; to spread misinformation directly, or to be used by someone who is willing to compromise not only their own integrity, but to allow you to sacrifice your own in the process by passing out misinformatiion. I mean can you imagine how very low someones opinion of you must be to knowingly and willing use you by feeding you bullshit when they know you are going to write it publcily. I mean how very low is that? I guess being used as someone's b!#$, isn't strictly a term for convicts only. in any event, I don't associate with men like that or act that way myself, so I can only imagine how it must feel. I choose to be a straight arrow and treat people with respect. Anyway, we couldn't decide which was sadder. I guess it's all just simply sad.

Fortunately, time has demonstrated that there are still men with uncompromising integrity and honesty who will not compromise themselves, even in the face of being wrongfully slandered by others. Isn't that great? Also fortunate, is it is just these types of men, who do well in the legitimate, or real koryu. A place where your integrity still means something. So there is hope.

Another topic of discussion was with a head of a dojo who's entire group walked out and joined another organization in the same art. Sadly that was also due to more poor judgments and decisions made by some men in charge. Seems some people really do mine affiliating with men with questionable discernment who would teach in their solid dojos, then validate and align with...uh...some rather questionable and whacky characters teaching wierd martial arts.
It may be a very trying time for some lineages to continue. I remember one Japanese Shihan telling me "Danny, (he always caled me Danny, I wonder why) sometimes its better to train under the Japanese teacher, rather than the American." I used to think that was good advice, but over the years I've met several real koryu teachers who are Menkyo Kaiden and happen to be American teachers. As a group,they exhibit integrity, continuity, humility and skill. So again, there is hope. I guess it just depends on where you look, and who you choose to associate with.
Personally, while I have some extremely cutting and revealing things that can be said about teachers, arts and such. I keep my mouth shut, and preserve a measure of restraint and dignity.
Sorry to change the subject, It just got me musing out loud.

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