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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mike Sigman wrote:
You know, this is really a tough one for me. In many ways I was a staunch admirer of Tohei back in the early days, but essentially it appears that while he could use and demonstrate ki strength, he didn't really want to teach it.


Mike Sigman
The idea that Tohei didn't want to teach ki is .... well I'll give you a chance to comment and explain that. How is the entire Ki Society curriculum NOT completely about learning ki from day one?

one other note, be aware that Ki is not magic, but it is not just a convenience coincidence of physics principles. read any of Tohei sensei's books for a ridiculously simple and clear explanation of ki and how it works.

Also, Chinese arts tend to drift toward magic and outrageous claims, so be careful and just find a nice healthy looking old guy who teaches tai chi and seems relaxed, positive and vibrant at all times.
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